What began as a team of video gaming veterans and friends dating back to the Nintendo v Sega wars and console boom of the ’80s and ’90s. Brought together with a to desire harness betting technology and to fill a need allowing gaming enthusiasts bet online with ease. We aim to revolutionise eSports betting connecting you safely and securely with honest site reviews and best tips in the industry. eSports Tipster will help you bet successfully. Everything you need to make money betting online can be found here in a few clicks. For eSports and more.

About eSportsTipster.com

Welcome to the exciting new eSports tipster website that promises to bring you the best tips and betting site reviews. We want to be transparent and tell you about what drives us and what makes us passionate about keeping our site up to date and delivering the best eSports tips online. Basically, this section is dedicated to informing you about who we are, why we do it and what we do.

Who are we?

Between us, we have been writing betting tips for over 15 years. In essence, since the start of betting online. We are mixed group of friends, dotted all over the world. In the team, we have a tech guru, who is brilliant at developing top websites and web applications, which gives our tipsters the digital platform they deserve. The bulk of the small team are tipsters and betting enthusiasts who’ve been working within the gambling industry since the mid noughties. For the last 5 years we have focused on providing eSports tips direct from expert tipsters to punters online.

What do we do in the eSports space?

eSports Tipster launched as a small project in 2016 to give a platform to provide eSports tips and betting advice to internet users direct from winning tipsters. Since then the site has grown and helped those new to betting on eSports make informed choices by connecting punters with sites, bonuses and tips on betting practices.

2020 saw new site eSportstipster.com launch. The site is an eSports betting portal which gives you power to achieve your betting goals online. Think huge payouts and lot’s of fun! We give you more scope to explore the different types of bets on sports games to first person shooter games. Our experts bring you loads of value added tips and features which we will continue to build on as we ride the eSports wave.

What makes our tips special?

Constantly evolving, our little black book of the best betting sites for eSports draws on years of knowledge bringing you access to the world’s best eSports odds direct from those tipsters in the know across the globe.

Each betting brand we showcase is handpicked from gaming companies who have long and positive reputations in the online gambling industry. Our trusted partners are known to be cued up on eSports betting whilst being fair to new and existing customers. When we say fair we mean fair in regards to wagering requirements, cash out terms, top customer support and sensible bonuses. We don’t want to acknowledge poor site design and usability and lacklustre approach to safety and security which unfortunately is still rife on the internet.

We do not publish a large roster of sites online as we believe connecting with the right sites is key part of your journey to the winning formula. What we do is offer a small yet diverse range of betting options, making sure we cater to different tastes. Want best eSports betting tips for CSGO on mobile? No problem.

Finally, everything on this website, is trusted by our tipsters. If you have any unanswered questions or queries for one of our trusted betting sites we’ll let you know where you stand and try to help out if I feel you’ve been treated unfairly.

Stay in touch

There are so many eSports websites to trawl through and email subscriptions to register for to get the best tips online. We aim to amalgamate all the best eSports tips from betting to bonuses and everything in-between. Our tipsters do the research so you don’t have to! Make sure you subscribe to eSports Tipster so you don’t miss a trick. Alternatively follow us on Twitter!