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eSports betting in India is big business, and Indian gamblers now have access to many different eSports betting operators worldwide. Finding the best bookmaker in India offering eSports that supports your betting preferences is a game in itself! Finding the perfect eSports betting experience is challenging because of the different products, functionality and various ways to place bets on these sites or apps. eSportsTipster introduces eSports betting in India in stripped-back form.

eSports Betting Sites in India 2022



The Indian eSports gambling market is big and it continues to grow year after year. Gambling has a long history in India, from betting to cricket to classic card games, dice games, and very Indian games like Andar Bahar which is popular online with live casino gamblers in India.

Increasingly betting sites and apps have started marketing betting in India online. Indian payment methods, Hindi languages, and rolling out bonus offers for India as a market is the new smart move with sportsbook operators looking to get in on the Asian action.

Whilst there are numerous operators offering online gambling services such as betting to the Asian market, including the Indian Subcontinent, our approach is different. offers tips on where to bet on eSports in India with a twist in that most of our preferred eSports betting sites are UK or Europe based.

Our experts review eSports sites, doing a full health check on eSports odds before we recommend them to our Indian readers. We review the best bookmakers based on specific criteria such as eSports bonuses and promotions for Indian gamblers wanting to bet on eSports with real money. See how India’s betting options work, discover the key payment methods driving Indian gambling and the most popular eSports games for betting in India right now. Get ready to browse, learn and bet!

We promise to let you know what to look out for before signing up and depositing rupees. We’ll try to answer the most important questions you might have right here for you. Among them are: Can I bet with rupees my currency? Is eSports betting safe with a UK or European license? Can I use the bonuses and promotions on offer for eSports? Are all eSports games available in India or are there exceptions?

Most people mistake Esports with Virtual Sports – Esports are NOT Virtual Sports. Esports are online video games played by people. Video games have emerged since the late 70s of the last century with the appearance of gaming consoles. Later, PC games were developed very successfully in the 80s, and with the launch of the internet, people could compete against one another without being in the same room. You can literally be on the other side of the world in India for example, playing against a person in Alaska.

Esports Betting in India

Esports betting started gaining huge popularity in certain markets such as North America, South Korea and Scandinavian countries such as Sweden. Betting on Esports is not very different from betting on normal sports, you just need to bet on your favorite to win. In this case to win in a game played online. In India, it is still considered as an unpopular type of sport but starting to gain momentum.

Esports betting types

You might be surprised but there is a large variety of Esports betting types. Note that bet types also depend on the type of game on which the contestants are competing. There are first-person shooter games such as Counter-Strike, there are strategic games such as StarCraft and Dota 2 and there are also sports games (FIFA, NHL, NBA2K). As you can see a different type of game can be analyzed as a different sport and have different bet types. Let us go over some of the main bet types.

  • Match Winner – a 2-3 way outcome bet, where you simply place a bet on who will win, or Draw was possible
  • Total Kills – usually the games (except for the sports ones) are related to killing your enemies, so here you can place a bet on how much the Total Kills will be in the game. There are also bet types “First to 5 Kills” and “First to 10 Kills” for each player/team.
  • Odds/Even Kills - just like in sports you can bet instead of on odds/even for point/runs/goals – in Esports the “points” are actually “kills”

On the Sports type of games (FIFA, NHL, NBA2K) you can practically player bets on similar bet types as on a real match – Match winner, total goals (soccer), total points (basketball), certain team total goals/points (soccer, basketball, and hockey).

We will review shortly with few words the most popular Esports betting games. There are around 12 games to bet on, but the most popular ones are listed below

Counter-Strike Betting

The 2000’s PC classic Counter-Strike, any kid with a PC has had a chance to play this game. The first-person shooter game is highly popular among E-sports betting fans, There are two teams in a never-ending battle between Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. The goal of the Terrorists is to plant bombs and take hostages, while the Counter-Terrorists need to defuse bombs and release hostages. There are several regional leagues for CSGO in Europe, Asia, and America. There is also a division for ESL Pro League and the Major Championships (Majors).

Obviously, it is a violent game and main bet types are related to the number of Kills:

  • First to 5 Kills – the team that reaches first 5 Kills will be the winning one
  • First to 10 Kills - the team that reaches first 10 Kills will be the winning one

Interesting bet types are the ones related to Maps – players choosing different Maps (locations) the game itself takes place:

  • Winner Map 1 – the team that wins on a certain map is the winning one
  • Winner Map 2 - – the team that wins on a certain map is the winning one

Overwatch Betting

This is another first-person shooter multiplayer game, popular for betting. Each of the participating 2 teams consists of 6 players. The goal of each team is to secure and defend locations on different maps or take items from one place to another on the map for a limited amount of time. Interesting about the teams is that they are representing and located in different parts of the world: USA, UK, China, Canada, South Korea, and France.

Dota 2 Betting

Here comes one of the top 2 most popular betting games in Esports – Dota2. This massively popular online battler arena game has created its own niche of fans, which can only be compared to the last game in our list further below.

There are two teams, each of 5 players whose main goal is to destroy the base of the other team. It is a game of strategy with very interesting turn points. The most popular participating teams are from North America, Southeast Asia, China, and Europe. The biggest event for Dota2 is the worldwide Tournament called The International.

League of Legends (LoL) Betting

The giant in Esports betting, the most popular game for Esports fans created so far. The audience for this game’s events outnumbers even the Super Bowl – yes, that much!

It is like Dota 2 as a type of game – a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game – with two teams, each consisting of 5 players. Each player chooses a character (champion) to play as and develop his skills, all 5 players need to act as individuals and a team at the same time with the goal to destroy the other team’s base, also known as “nexus”.

The popular LoL leagues include the North America Championship, Champions Korea and China’s Pro League. Of course, there is also an LoL World Championship, where all the best teams from around the world compete for the ultimate prize for any Esports player!

Finding the best eSports betting site in India

Our resident Indian eSports tipsters check a lot of elements when reviewing India betting sites and Apps for Android and iPhone. Our pro tipster has compiled a guide on specific criteria we’re looking out for when we’re giving tips on eSports betting in India. Here’s a brief overview of what you should keep in mind when you’re looking for a great eSports betting experience as an Indian gambler with a taste for video games.

Does the betting site offer eSports betting Indian customers can take advantage of?

Every online betting operator has a list of excluded countries. Sometimes the list of countries excluded is short, other times it’s rather large. If a betting site is listed in this section then it will 100% be available to customers from India and offer eSports betting Indian customers will love to try. If you’re trying to find out whether a betting site offering eSports betting that we don’t list here is available in India, you will need to check the terms and conditions, where that information is provided. A link to the terms and conditions can usually be found in the footer of the site or app, if you are on a mobile device.

Is the eSports betting site safe and licensed properly?

Needless to say that the eSports betting sites or Apps for Indians we recommend are all 100% safe to gamble on in India. The majority of our preferred betting sites have UK licensees or European licenses, which have been issued by Malta Gaming Authority or Gibraltar. Sometimes you might find a Curaçao eGaming licensed betting site in our lists of Indian eSports operators.

As a rule of thumb, eSports betting sites or Apps with more than one license can be considered trustworthy. Our tipsters check for other certificates that audit sportsbook operators for fairness and player protection among other things. And we make sure that sites/Apps use the latest technology to secure transactions and protect personal data.

Are bonuses and promotions available in India?

Each eSports bonus or promotion you might come across online in India has specific conditions attached to it. It should also specify where a bonus reward or promotion is available in the bonus terms. When browsing offers online sometimes you might see “Available to customers in jurisdictions where online gambling is legal”. Or something along those lines.

To help you make sense of it all, the general terms and conditions usually state which regions are excluded from bonus offers. We can’t always guarantee that you might be able to claim a welcome offer in India. Although, our recommended eSports sites and Apps listed on this page for Indian customers usually have some offers available. Special conditions will likely apply - just as they do with casino free spins bonuses for example.

Can I bet on slots on eSports sites?

Our India eSports site reviews take slots into account. Regular checks are made with regards to which casino games and slot providers each operator offers. Not all of them will be available in India or the Asian market in general. The reason being is down to a question of missing licenses. Good providers, such as Evolution, make sure to obtain licenses from the jurisdictions where they wish to offer their games online. If proper licenses are not available, as could be the case in India, a software developer will opt not to offer their games there.

Customer service

The most important thing you’ll want to know is whether or not customer service is available in Hindi or British English. You’ll also want customer support 24/7 and live chat functionality ideally. Right now, the best eSports betting site operations are based in the UK or Europe.

With good customer service, you can be certain that you’ll be able to talk to their customer service when a problem should arise or you have any questions. If customer service has limited availability, you may have trouble reaching out to helpful customer support staff due to the time difference. We will always mention when, how long, and by what means you can reach a site or Apps customer service team.

Available deposit methods

Another important thing to check for is available deposit methods. Almost all sites or Apps with eSports betting accept Visa and MasterCard internationally. But there may be local banking options that you might wish to use or a preferred eWallet which is big in India.

We’ll be sure to write about the most widely available deposit options, but for local methods in India, it is a good idea to double check with the operators support team who will have the latest deposit methods available to you. There are simply too many payment options for us to keep up to date and list them all. Plenty of eSports sites in India provide a huge number of payment options and often these work when betting on eSports with mobile devices too.

Our reviewed eSports sites and Apps

Our preferred eSports bettings brands online running sited and apps that are available to customers from India have been thoroughly checked. We cover many aspects before we recommend eSports sites and Apps products. All eSports offerings listed here are safe and reliable for Indian gamblers. Not all of them are the finished article or perfect, but we wouldn’t recommend eSports gambling from India online if we had major complaints with a site or app.

If we are aware of specific rules applying to Indian customers, we will flag this where possible. But it is a good idea to read the terms and conditions of betting sites/apps before signing up. We follow guidelines but given the nature of the beast, it’s impossible for up to cover every detail when dealing with online bookmakers and eSports betting.

Also, should you have personal experiences with one of our trusted brands listed here, we encourage you to give feedback on your betting experience.


Is the welcome bonus available to me? What about other promotions?

Our hope is that the sites listed here also make their promotions available to customers from India. Generally, if they are listed here, you can count on Indian players being welcome at these casinos, otherwise, we wouldn’t promote them. One of the main advantages of signing up to an eSports betting site offering Indians betting on eSports is the ongoing bonuses tailored to your eSports betting in India. As the value of eSports wagering increases, eSports will be taken more seriously. Our trusted Indian sites offer a variety of registration and loyalty rewards, usually made available immediately after registration. Remember, bonuses and promotions always come with a long list of rules and some have exceptions based on your residency. Thus you’ll have to read the bonus terms in detail as we cannot list them all.

Is a European license any good to me?

Generally speaking a casino licensed in Europe is most certainly safe for you to play at. At the very least you can be assured that the casino is well regulated, especially if it holds more than one license. Whether or not a European jurisdiction is able to help you should you encounter any troubles with a particular casino is a different matter altogether. Complaints are always taken seriously, though, no matter where they come from. Additionally, sites such as ours are at the very least a platform for your grievances, should you have any.

Can I play with Indian Rupees?

Not necessarily. Many online casinos that cater to an international clientele will try to offer as many currencies as possible, but they may not always offer Indian Rupees as well. All the big online casinos always provide a list of supported currencies. And customer service will let you know as well. Alternative currencies are an option, however, and you may prefer to play in US Dollar anyway.

Is online gambling legal in India?

That question is not easily answered. In some states gambling is legal, which includes online gambling. But there are no nationwide rules. The Indian government has no specific regulation for online gambling in place, which makes it more or less a grey area. Indian players are generally able to visit international casinos. The ones we list here are definitely available for Indian customers.

How do you find games you you to bet on?

Today, a large selection of eSports games are on offer at the best betting sites. The reason being is that a top games selection brings an international audience together to bet online. Some sites do focus on specific games like CS:GO or LoL whilst others might favour Overwatch or new games like Valorant and offer extended betting options and odds on these titles. An easy tactic is to think about what game or games you are playing or streaming the most at home before you bet. Which maps and players might you recognise? Make sure you understand your chosen game inside out. Know the teams and/or players that are playing and your odds of winning or losing. Once armed with a game or two do full checks on each bookmakers game options and odds offerings per game as these can vary massively. Remember that betting on eSports requires knowledge but also an element of luck so try not to be too hard on yourself if your chosen game doesn’t deliver big cash wins straight away and don’t be afraid to explore eSports games outside the mainstream.

How do you adopt a cautious approach to safety and security online?

Each online eSports betting site does not operate in every region so make sure that the site you sign up to offers betting in your location, a bonus in your local currency and payment options which match your needs. For peace of mind you can read third party reviews and payout blogs to determine the reliability of each betting sites sports book product and the bookmakers odds. Do not make bets beyond your means. Adopt a level headed and practical approach to betting. Make sure you understand each bet you are making. You can even make a monthly budget by writing down how much you will be willing to spend on eSports betting per month. This will help you bounce back financially even if you do make a loss during a month or two. Of course our tipsters promote sensible, safe and secure gambling at all times. If you do bet on eSports with real money then know your bet limits and stick to them. We cannot stress how important this is especially if you are new to eSports and betting online. Finally, a sites customer support is there is keep you safe and happy. Every eSports betting site we mention will have details on their pages of how you can access friendly help in your language and location should you need guidance or help with any issue what so ever from bonuses to cash outs.