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Our tipsters look at team against team and guide you towards your next big payout. Guidance from experienced gamblers will give you the edge when depositing money online. From beginners to more advanced players, brushing up on the essentials for eSports betting will help you make informed decisions online, pushing you in the right direction fro sign up to withdrawal. Hunt competitive odds alongside experts with smart online betting tips from valued tipsters. With simple savvy advice, you’ll be able to beat on the bookie with ease with top advice.


Turn to the tipsters for pro eSports betting advice online.

Find the best site for you

Find the best site for you

This is often overlooked by beginners. The internet is full of gambling sites offering the easiest and most profitable way to bet on eSports via mobile or desktop. Most online betting sites today are reputable, but it is important to weigh up your options before signing up and certainly before placing any bets. With the help of our expert writers, there is plenty of information available to guide new players through the online betting process. Read site reviews, testimonials, and rankings within a variety of easy-to-find resources. Look for specialist eSports sites and the bigger bookmakers offering eSports odds. Sites publishing eSports team and player stats get the nod.

Take advantage of eSports bonuses

Take advantage of eSports bonuses

One of the main advantages of signing up an online betting site is the ongoing bonuses tailored for your eSports betting needs. As the value of eSports bets increases eSports is being taken more seriously. Our trusted sites offer a variety of registration and loyalty rewards, usually made available immediately after registration. Getting instant returns will increase the size of your betting wallet, giving you more options to explore new events. Whilst betting on eSports games and teams, be on the look-out for weekly to monthly offers and customer loyalty points which equal bonuses.

Get value from each eSports bet

Get value from each eSports bet

eSports betting is about taking calculated risks. Sure, you can take big risks and bet on long shots but only once you have established yourself and feel confident taking punts with a big bankroll. Your payout is determined by the chances your selection has of winning. Take advantage of good odds on players, teams and outcomes by doing your own research. Try to determine the real odds of a team winning by analysing the big picture. Odds fluctuate and you can often find value in eSports tournaments no matter who is playing. Remember you can increase your winning streak when betting online by placing small bets, generally no more than 5% of your overall bankroll.

Bet on games you know

Bet on games you know

When you have a flutter do research on the eSports game and players before you bet. Evaluate who is likely to perform well during the game or tournament you are betting on. Which top player might have the edge on the day and decide the match? Make predictions based on relevant facts. Betting on any sports is risky business and ruthless bookmakers will cease the opportunity to take advantage of your lack of eSports knowledge in a heartbeat. Max your gains through a thorough understanding of eSports. Do not bet on a game unless you understand the gameplay and have some background knowledge of the players and most importantly the form. Knowledge of performance statistics, personal/team records, and league stats will guide you in the right direction when betting online. Review current managers and research odds daily for key insight into betting fluctuation which will help you understand bookmakers prices.

Study the form

Study the form

By doing your homework and studying the form with the correct mindset you will be giving yourself a head start. All you need then is to keep on top of your bankroll and it’s time to give yourself an unfair advantage! Only amateur’s skip this final step and it leads to rookie mistakes and lacklustre results. By studying eSports fixtures in detail and treating your betting like business you are lining yourself up for maximum profits. So, do your homework on each bet you make. Look at new eSports stats, current trends, test betting systems, analyse games and give yourself the edge over fellow punters and most importantly the bookie.

Unfortunately, choosing the right site to test your nerve betting on eSports requires lot’s of quality research and a great deal of effort. If you want a shortcut, our tipsters are here to help.

Below, you will find our top eSports betting site on the circuit right now. Check it out for yourself by signing up and understand why it has made the top of the tipsters lists consistently.




How do you find games you you to bet on?

Today, a large selection of eSports games are on offer at the best betting sites. The reason being is that a top games selection brings an international audience together to bet online. Some sites do focus on specific games like CS:GO or LoL whilst others might favour Overwatch or new games like Valorant and offer extended betting options and odds on these titles. An easy tactic is to think about what game or games you are playing or streaming the most at home before you bet. Which maps and players might you recognise? Make sure you understand your chosen game inside out. Know the teams and/or players that are playing and your odds of winning or losing. Once armed with a game or two do full checks on each bookmakers game options and odds offerings per game as these can vary massively. Remember that betting on eSports requires knowledge but also an element of luck so try not to be too hard on yourself if your chosen game doesn’t deliver big cash wins straight away and don’t be afraid to explore eSports games outside the mainstream.

How do you opt for the best eSports bonuses and rewards?

Delving into bonuses and explore exclusive, unique sign-up and ongoing bonuses that reward players with bonus money plus cash to gamble is a favourite pastime with experienced eSports gamblers and a top tip. But the trick is getting this done without getting flagged as a bonus abuser by a sports book suppliers, like KAMBI or SBTECH for example, who supply the big operators or you could be shut out of their network of sports sites. Your best bet is to sign up with one account and take advantage of each bookies’ customer retention management which is tailored for your needs and will be geared to getting you betting on mobile, PC and more. Remember betting companies need to attract new and existing customers. Churning sports players are the ultimate nightmare. The key for them is to retain a steady flow of gamblers at any given time through their virtual doors and sports book so sign up to be in pole position for custom bonus offers. Sports book teams are well positioned to lure you in to bet on eSports with juicy ongoing bonuses to get you playing.

How do you adopt a cautious approach to safety and security online?

Each online eSports betting site does not operate in every region so make sure that the site you sign up to offers betting in your location, a bonus in your local currency and payment options which match your needs. For peace of mind you can read third party reviews and payout blogs to determine the reliability of each betting sites sports book product and the bookmakers odds. Do not make bets beyond your means. Adopt a level headed and practical approach to betting. Make sure you understand each bet you are making. You can even make a monthly budget by writing down how much you will be willing to spend on eSports betting per month. This will help you bounce back financially even if you do make a loss during a month or two. Of course our tipsters promote sensible, safe and secure gambling at all times. If you do bet on eSports with real money then know your bet limits and stick to them. We cannot stress how important this is especially if you are new to eSports and betting online. Finally, a sites customer support is there is keep you safe and happy. Every eSports betting site we mention will have details on their pages of how you can access friendly help in your language and location should you need guidance or help with any issue what so ever from bonuses to cash outs.