eSports Live Betting Sites

eSports live betting is a great opportunity to gamble on the video games you like to play on PC or mobile with real money. With esports live betting you can wager on esports while viewing the ongoing matches online. Interested in trying your luck at this type of betting?

If you’ve been challenged by a search for a reliable platform for placing live bets, we are here to help you. Our professional tipsters have compiled a comprehensive list of the top esports live betting brands, including sites that offer great live wagering options and generous in-play bonuses. This way, you won’t come across untrustworthy bookies and will have more time to compare the best esports betting sites and choose the one that you like the most.

Enjoy reading this page, where we review how to choose the right bookmaker, games you can place live bets on, and what the benefits of betting live with real time wagering are. You can refer back to the list below and get ready to place bets on esports with live wagers in 2022.

Top esports live betting sites 2022


About eSports Live Betting

eSports live betting is a new trend that is attracting huge interest in the US, UK, Europe, and Asia. Live betting possibilities go beyond normal eSports betting offers and follow in the footsteps of live betting on sports like football and tennis.

If you are new to live betting you may wonder why live betting is so popular. To understand the benefits of live betting we suggest you go to the live betting section of a good eSports betting site. What you will find is that the bets change all the time and that is the fun of live betting on your favorite games.

How to live bet on eSports

Decide what you want to bet on and select a live bet fast with the best possible odds. Most live bets are played out quickly, the result is known almost instantly. For a successful live bet; speed is important, as is knowledge about eSports statistics.

Before placing your first live bet, understand the live betting features on the site. This will give you a good overview of what the live betting options are so you don’t get flustered mid-game. You should also understand what eSports bonuses are and how they work with regard to live betting.

About eSports live betting tips

Betting in real-time with live esports tips is one of the most exciting things gamblers will encounter. Our tips for live betting combined with bullet-fast predictions on CSGO, DOTA 2, or League of Legends offer a premium gambling experience for streamers.

Of course, there’s a lot to get to grips with during the course of an esports match. You will find our live betting tips are always fully charged to help you win, but it pays to follow watching every match in detail to see how each team and individual players are progressing with your own eyes. If you are new to live bets we recommend practicing a few bets using our pre-match esports betting tips first which offer a more traditional betting experience!

Quick Guide to eSports LIVE Betting

Go to the live betting tab

Select live betting by clicking on the live betting area on the betting site on mobile or desktop PC to go to the live betting section.

Choose an eSports event for LIVE betting

What eSports tournaments are on the horizon? Scan the various events and choose the best one for you. Often the best way to decide is to select an eSports tournament featuring your favorite eSports team and/or game title.

Select odds for your chosen match

Once odds are selected, your bet shows on your online betting slip.

How To Choose An eSports LIVE Betting Site?

When comparing eSports betting sites there various simple factors to consider which you can use when choosing a site with eSports live betting functionality. Look closely at how well respected the site is online in terms of live betting overall. Established bookies with flashy sites and a large selection of betting options is of no use if the bookmaker delivers poor live betting odds, bonuses aren’t geared for eSports and the support has zero eSports knowledge.

We therefore take into account further criteria in our assessment, which are explained in more detail in the following overview.

1. The live betting offer in detail

Tippers were lucky with the last live bet and are now completely satisfied with the bookmaker’s offer? This is a good basis for an assessment. But it is even better to look at the entire range in detail. That means looking where your personal interest might not lie - after all, betting fans may want to try their luck elsewhere after a while. Which eSports and other areas are available? It continues with the betting variants. The bookmaker certainly offers different betting options for each event. Is there a large selection? Or is there still room for improvement at this point? This is the most important criterion in this evaluation and should therefore also have the highest priority.

2. The visual representation of the live bets

With live betting, it has to be done quickly and it is particularly annoying if you cannot find your way around the bookmaker’s interior. The live betting area for eSports should therefore have a particularly clear structure. It is important that the desired eSports can be found quickly. Everyone has a different preference and doesn’t want to have to search long to get to their goal. The information that is necessary for a live bet should also be easy to access in any case. If this is the case, then the bookmaker is very convincing in this area.

3. Place the live bet

Speed ​​can also be necessary when placing the live bet. With this type of bet in particular, tipsters cannot afford to wait or possibly have to wait because of the bookmaker because placing the bet simply does not work. Hardly anything is as annoying as not being able to place a bet because you sit too long at the betting slip and cannot really understand it. Therefore it is of course an advantage if it is made as easy as possible for the tipster with the betting slip. Clear forms and clear information come first.

4. Live streams as a basis

The basis for every live bet is of course live streams. It may work without it, but for the overall impression of a game it is almost imperative to have one. We therefore see it as an important criterion to be able to use a live stream. If it is then there, then of course it should definitely run. This is another point that some tipsters overlook. A livestream that keeps getting stuck or maybe even going back in time doesn’t really help. So far, live streams are not yet a typical feature of bookmakers. However, this is increasing.

5. The odds in betting

How could it be otherwise: The rate naturally also plays a role in the assessment. No matter how nice a selection of live bets there is, if the odds are rather bad, then all the fun is lost. It is good if tipsters have been able to observe the odds over a longer period of time. There are, for example, some bookmakers who offer good odds for beginners or for a range of eSports betting. However, if you take a closer look, you will quickly realize that these are more of the exceptions.

6. The support

Support may not be the top priority when looking for a bookmaker. However, if betting friends are faced with a technical problem or have a question about betting, a contact should be available. It is annoying when support is difficult to reach, high fees have to be paid or support does not speak their own language.

So that a bookmaker in the eSports area can also start as a very good live betting provider, in addition to the live betting offer, very good odds, an appealing bonus and good support are required.

The eSports Test Winner Betway At A Glance

  • Bet on Dota 2, LoL, Counter-Strike and StarCraft 2
  • Tips on overall winners, individual laps and much more are possible
  • Very good odds
  • Betting bonus of up to 250 euros on the first 2 deposits
  • Customer service available around the clock

The Best eSports Betting Sites With Live Betting Comparison

Live betting on eSports games is a big beast, but not all betting sites have a wide selection of live bets on eSports.

Betway: The British betting company Betway has, among other things, the games Counter-Strike, StarCraft 2, League of Legends and Dota 2, which are popular in the gaming scene, in its repertoire. When betting on these games you won’t get bored quickly. Depending on the game, tipsters can place bets on the winner of individual rounds and cards on the exact number of points, for example. In comparison , Betway was not able to secure first place with its betting offer alone. The bookmaker also scored well in terms of support, with its bonus offer and the option of betting on the go.

Casumo: The betting offer of this bookmaker includes Counter-Strike, League of Legends and StarCraft 2 - the Bookie is one of the most famous online bookmakers and was able to join the list of the best betting providers with live bets in second place. Casumo is regulated by UK Gamling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Punters will also find a good selection of different markets and various competitions in eSports with this betting provider. Betting enthusiasts can also secure a bonus for eSports at Casumo. Interwetten also impresses with its support in a range of languages.

Pokerstars: This bookie can also place itself in the top 5. Tipico is one of the most famous bookmakers and offers numerous sports bets as well as attractive eSport bets. Tipico Counter-Strike and Dota 2 are currently available for tipsters. Here you can bet on different competitions or leagues. If you have any questions, betting enthusiasts can contact support at any time via the live chat or by e-mail.

Luckbox: In addition to League of Legends , Dota and Counter-Strike, this bookmaker also offers bets on Heroes of the Storm. The Swedish bookmaker is available for questions about the betting offer by phone, live chat or email in German. Tip friends receive a welcome bonus of up to 75 euros. unibet is listed on the stock exchange and not only has a license in Malta, but has also received several security certificates and cooperates with well-known partners.

Betway - The Best eSports Betting Site With Live Betting Functionality

eSports betting fans will find a wide range of bets at the bookmaker. Betway has been in business for a long time and over time has added eSports to its repertoire. Here bettors can bet on different tournaments and championships of the popular games League of Legends, Dota 2 , Counter-Strike and StarCraft 2 . As the best eSport betting provider with live bets, the Bookie knows that customer friendliness goes beyond the range of bets. For this reason, Betway customers can receive an eSport bonus and contact support at any time if they have any questions or concerns. In addition, various methods are available for deposits and withdrawals and Betway has already secured the title of “Best eSports betting provider with PayPal” in this area.

How To Bet With Live Betting Winner Betway


Before tipsters can place their first bets on Counter-Strike, League of Legends or Dota 2, they need to open an account with the bookmaker. A click on the button “Register now” leads new customers to a form. Tipper first enter a valid email address and some personal data. A user name and password are also specified at this point. Then betting friends confirm the registration and then receive a confirmation link and a bonus code by email.


No bet without a stake - a first deposit is required before you can start. In the course of this, tipsters can also activate the bonus. For this, the amount paid in must be at least ten euros. In order to be able to withdraw the bonus, bettors have to unlock it according to the bonus conditions. As soon as money has been deposited into the betting account, tipsters at Betway can plunge into the betting adventure.

Bonus At Betway - Gamblers eSports Betting Can Secure Up To 250 $/£/€

As with many other bookmakers, the bonus must be unlocked accordingly with Betway’s bonus conditions. We have already explained how tip friends activate the bonus.

Anyone using Betway must deposit a minimum of $/£/€10 or equivalent in local currency. In order to then clear the bonus, customers must adhere to a minimum quota of 1.65. Now you have to wager the bonus amount six times within 30 days. These bonus conditions are quite fair - Betway was also able to score points in the eSport betting provider test.

eSports Betting Opportunities At Betway

At the provider, tipsters can expect a large range of eSports with various tournaments and championships. In League of Legends, for example, bets are possible on the winner of the first card, “First Blood” or on most kills. At Dota 2, betting enthusiasts can bet on the finalists or the region of the winners. Betway also has a lot in store for Counter-Strike, such as betting on the winners of individual rounds or cards. Lovers of the StarCraft 2 game can, for example, bet on the exact number of points or the winner of a particular card.

But variety is also provided: With the bookie, you can also bet on unconventional events, such as political events.

Customer Support At Betway

eSports bookmakers should offer typists good support to help them with questions or ambiguities. Our test winner has the option of contacting customer service by email or using the contact form, but live chat can also be used.

Conclusion: Betway Streaks Ahead With The Best eSports Betting Site With Live Bets on GSGO, LOL, DOTA & More

The live bets are, so to speak, the icing on the cake in eSport bets, and as part of our comparison we took a closer look at the providers in order to support bettors in making a decision about a bookie. When asked who can convince as the best eSport betting provider with live betting, comeon, Interwetten, unibet, Tipico and bet365 made the shortlist.

Of course, the evaluation did not only depend on the live betting offer - even if this should be in the foreground when awarding the award. Instead, we would like to point out that other criteria also influence the decision. In terms of betting offer, live betting, support and bonus, all bookmakers from the top 5 were able to convince, but Betway was still ahead of the game and therefore emerged from our comparison as the best eSport betting provider with live betting.