Which eSports game is best to bet on?

We are often asked about which computer games are best to bet on. There is no simple answer, but one of the first rules of eSport betting to know your game because each game has it’s eccentricities. Understanding these will help you with betting and most importantly winning. A good tip is to bet on the game you play or stream the most to get started.

What you will find is that certain games lend themselves to certain betting strategies. It is wise not not start betting with real money until you have become familiar the game in hand. By this we mean knowing the game inside out from maps and teams to weapons etc.

In order to really know your game and get the best returns from it we have drawn up the following tips to help you.

Tips To Help You Select Which Game To Bet On

  • Know the games top players and teams.
  • Keep track of the wins, losses and near-misses. Follow the stats to try to grasp which team is more likely to win.
  • Understand game updates, team rosters, and the betting formats.
  • Follow a tournament and the play-offs.
  • Acquire specialist knowledge of game by playing and streaming.
  • Pay attention to game strategy and apply system bets.
  • Pay attention to odds and perform comparison.
  • Know the games betting options and take advantage of them.
  • Use game specific eSport promotional offers.
  • Know the game specific bonuses which can be used.

How to make game selection tips pay off

It is very easy to say do a few hours research and know a few of the games top players by brushing up on recents performances. But the real question is; how do you predict results in an ever changing climate? To really predict and bet smart it is a good idea to keep track of your gambling. Own your losses, wins and near-misses.

Create a chart and fill the stats on your own. Follow blogs and channels dedicated to minutely study and comment on each play-off and players’ actions. It will help you understand the game and anticipate the moves of players and captains. The more you watch and learn, the better you will get at predicting the outcome, which in turn, will help you place a bet with a higher chance of winning.

Never bet the full amount at the beginning of the game or tournament. There are many bets offered during the play with lower odds. Create a combination of both to increase your chances of winning. Mistakes are bound to occur. The quicker you learn from your mistakes, the higher are the chances of your long-term success.

Each eSports Game Has Different Betting Options

Whilst eSports is a relatively new addition to betting sites. Understanding the types of bets available on the various games is crucial. Depending on the type of eSport game that you choose to bet on, betting options will vary. Be prepared for distinct differences in betting practices per game.

You will find DOTA 2 bets are different FIFA betting options. FIFA is about strikes, goals and fouls. League of Legends and Counter-Strike are different again. To give you an idea, some of the Counter-Strike bets available at your disposal are: first to 10 kills, the team to get the first kill, best of a specific number of rounds and total maps won.

Do not participate in any eSports real money betting until you have acquired sufficient knowledge of the game. When you do bet for the first time, start with small bets and work your way up to higher stakes betting levels.

How to Choose The Best Betting Site For Your Game Selection

There are multiple online betting sites with eSports odds built in to help you indulge your love and enthusiasm for betting on your chosen eSports game. You need a platform that offers security for your details, and an easy-to-use interface. Unikrn is one of the leading betting platforms globally, offering you the opportunity to participate in some of the best eSports betting odds.

The online bookmakers literally jumped on a trend in eSports. The popularity of eSport games has resulted in a customer base among betting providers who have been on the lookout for corresponding offers separately. As in every other branch of the economy, it is said by the betting providers - the demand determines the betting offer. In the initial phase, betting on the various eSport events was mostly only possible in the pre-match area. The games were given corresponding odds in advance.

How to Bet On eSports Games To Win Real Money

eSports fans get emotional about their games and teams just as fans of the regular sports do. This is an industry poised to grow exponentially and now offers you betting options!