Analysis of eSports betting payment methods

Online gambling is a rapidly growing industry that is racking up impressive numbers with each passing year. Alongside gambling on popular sports such as football and tennis, the eSports betting industry continues to flourish as well… and all of this wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for a large number of existing online payment methods. Payment methods guarantee seamless online transactions with eSports bookmakers. If you find yourself confused and unsure which payment method to use in today’s globally connected world, look no further, as this page is your payment methods guide.

In fact, if you’re willing to take a look at one of our various payment method reviews, we’re sure you’ll be able to make the choice later. So with all that has been said, I guess it’s time to get straight to the point and check out what makes a great payment method platform!

What Makes Online Payment Methods Good?

There are many online payment methods to choose from, but getting the right one is the key. So, here are the top 3 factors that make an excellent payment method platform stand out to others, and they are worth checking out:


First and foremost: Security is of the utmost importance to all online payment businesses. Whether we are talking about online wallets, payment gateways, or basically any other kind, security is the top priority. Encryption, certified security, and frequent penetration testing ensure the optimal security provided by these online payment methods.


If security is excellent, the second factor to consider is simplicity. User interface and smooth page navigation are more important than most people think. Especially for those people who may be afraid of a web page due to how complicated its interface is, that is why many pages opt for simplicity in order to visually attract more customers.

Low rates

With all online payment gateways and methods, low fees are surely among the top 3 factors for all users. Let’s face it: the lower they are, the greater the chances of getting new customers. There is nothing simpler than that, right?

Now that you know the 3 factors that come into play, let’s go straight to the analysis of the payment methods, shall we?

Analysis of Payment Methods | What are the best options for eSports Betting?


PayPal is becoming the preferred choice not only for eSports, but also for online gambling sites and shopping websites in general. With low fees, instant transactions and ultra-secure systems, PayPal is a breeze if you are just starting to place bets on eSports.



Like PayPal, Skrill is another well-positioned payment option. It works in many countries around the world and supports a large number of currencies. To learn more about this payment method, be sure to check out our full review by clicking the link below.



Neteller is another very popular payment method for all types of online gambling. Even though that is not its main use, Neteller is being used for gambling all over the world as it has many advantages over conventional options. Click the link below for more information. Who knows, maybe you’ll make Neteller your next payment method of choice.



Entropay is an online payment business that allows you to obtain your own virtual VISA card. Such a simple interface combined with top-notch security protocols is one of the best solutions for eSports betting. Keep in mind, however, that there are small transaction fees that you will have to deal with… but other than that, Entropay is an excellent platform for eSports betting.


Credit cards

Credit cards are the typical online payment methods used for a wide variety of services. Among them, of course, are eSports betting. We are sure that most of you are already well acquainted with online payments via credit cards, so there is no point going into too much depth here. So for more information, click on the link below.


Paysafe card

Paysafe cards are available in 46 countries around the world, and it’s the easiest way to introduce Paysafe cards to your average consumer. And it is true that this online payment method is more appreciated due to the fact that it can be purchased practically anywhere and one of its great advantages is that it does not require personal information or bank details, perfect for those who want to maintain their privacy on the internet. Excellent for all games… including eSports betting, of course.



Sofort changed its name and is now called Klarna, used by more than 12 million people around the world, there is no denying the fact that Klarna is one of the most widely used online payment methods worldwide. In fact, in all of our analysis of payment methods, there are only a handful of options that can rival Klarna. The only “disadvantage” is the monetary system that only supports transactions in euros. If you can live with it without a problem, then Klarna is definitely a solid option for eSports betting.



Trustly is a fast and convenient way of online payments strictly for Europeans. Trustly works perfectly in 29 European countries, becoming a standard for online payments. If you are in Europe and looking for a fast and easy way to pay online, Trustly should definitely be at the top of your list.



For those who don’t know, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Apart from that, it is also worth mentioning that Bitcoin is being widely used for online gambling. eSports betting is there too, racking up big numbers when it comes to betting with Bitcoin. So, if you are looking for a totally anonymous, untraceable and ultra-secure payment method, there is no need to look beyond Bitcoin.


Payment methods for eSports bets | Frequent questions

Do I need to enter my personal information to gamble online?

Well, all bookmakers (and / or payment methods) will require some of your personal information. This is the norm on the internet, so you don’t need to worry about it. These types of websites are considered safe, secure, and your data will be safeguarded at all times, so there is no room for panic if you are asked to enter your Social Security number or similar personal information.

Are the fees for online payments high?

When it comes to commissions, you won’t have to worry about them… as long as you don’t run into a bookmaker who takes all your money out of commissions. Normally, you will have some fees associated with your transactions. These are generally between 1% and 7% of the total amount of the transaction. They are usually in the fine print, so take your time and read carefully before you end up getting plucked by eSports betting sites.

What happens if I win money betting on eSports?

If you make money betting on eSports, you will want to re-bet the amount to further increase your winnings … or, if you are a low risk gambler, you will want to withdraw it to your bank account or credit card. If that is the case, you will have to go through the withdrawal process which is different for each payment method and the bookmaker you use. Most of the time, the processes are straightforward and take little time to complete.

Are there limits for withdrawing money at eSports bookmakers?

Yes and no! When it comes to limits, the most likely culprits will be your online payment method and not the eSports bookmaker of your choice. However, unless you are a seasoned gambler who likes to bet (and win) big, we doubt that you run into limits that often. They are typically priced at around a couple of thousand euros, dollars, or the equivalent value in your native currency.

That’s it for our payment methods review article. We sincerely hope you had fun reading it and that it helped you make the right choice. As we have already said before, finding the optimal eSports bookmaker that works with the payment method that best suits your needs can be quite tricky. But don’t worry, all of our previous Payment Method Reviews have surely shed some light on the matter.